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November 2021 Monthly Wrap Up

I honestly cannot believe I am writing up my November wrap up. It seems like this month went by so quickly. I know I didn’t read a whole lot thanks to a Disney vacation, a busy life and family visiting for the holidays… so it is what it is.
I did read two books this month.
I listened to four books this month.

2021 Audiobook ChallengeBlog/Instagram ~ 54/25
Beat The Backlist 2021 ChallengeBlog/Instagram ~ 56/50
2021 Goodreads Yearly ChallengeGoodreads ~ 99/75
Finishing The Series ChallengeBlog/Instagram ~ 15/10
Netgalley/Edelweiss ChallengeBlog ~ 19/10
Read Christie 2021Blog ~ 6/12
What’s In A Name ChallengeBlog ~ 4/6

I was given a copy of Widow Falls by Kiersten Modglin personally and I saved it to read in October. It was a weird book with a creepy vibe and I totally enjoyed it!

I signed up for Audible and listened to book 3 of The Aurora Cycle series Aurora’s End, which dropped on November 9. I listened to the first two book in the series so this was the only way I could listen to this one AND listen on release day. I gave this entire series five stars!

I listened to The Boy From The Woods, my first Harlan Coben book (he’s from New Jersey!) I was sucked into this story after two chapters and it was a wild ride. The next book in the series, The Match, comes out at the beginning of next year. Can’t wait to get my hands on that one!

I was approved for The Santa Suit this past summer, and ended up saving it for November for the HoHoHoRAT challenge. Super cute read for this time of year!

56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard is a book I own thanks to BOTM. But, I love me some audiobooks so I found this one on Hoopla (thanks OCL!). The narrator’s Irish accent is actually rather good – it’s not hard to understand at all, which sometimes happens with Irish accents. I really enjoyed this book and totally recommend it to people who love a good thriller!

I found this free erotic book called Looking For It by Allyson Lindt on Bookbub dot com. Since it was free I decided to try out the ménage troupe, and found out that the two men in the story are boyfriends and ehhhhh I didn’t care for that part. I gave this shorter story (only 114 pages) three stars on Goodreads but 2.5 on my Google sheet tracker.

I read 464 pages. I listened to books for 41.17 hours.

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