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Review Policy

Thank you for checking out my blog and reviews.

I am currently receiving Advanced Reader Copies and Review Copies of books.

Genres I Read:
Thrillers, Mysteries, Suspense
Romance, Erotica
Fantasy, Sci-Fi
YA fantasy

I will not accept non-fiction or historical fiction books. I also don’t read political books.

I prefer physical copies or audiobooks, but will not turn down an ebook.

It normally takes me anywhere from 4-8 weeks to read a book and post a review. ARCs will be prioritized to be finished and reviewed before the publication date. Reviews will be posted on my blog, Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter and my Facebook page.

I am honest with my reviews. I will mention what I like about the characters, plot, and ending. I will also talk about what I do not like about the story. Only positive criticism on my posts, and not an all out bashing of the story or author.

Email me if interested:

Updated: January 1, 2021

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