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Read Christie 2021 Challenge

My first time doing this challenge! So fun!

For more information about this challenge, go to the official website

I tweaked my list to do what works for best for me (and changed a few up from the official page)

*The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Feb 3- Feb 12)
+Parker Pyne Investigates (Feb 13 – Feb 26)
+Lord Edgware Dies (March 21 – March 25)
* The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (April 17 – April 26)
+ A Pocket Full of Rye (May 19 – May 29)
+ Five Little Pigs (June)
+ Murder At The Vicarage (July)
* And Then There Were None (August)
+ Crooked House (September)
+ The Man In The Brown Suit (October)
* Hallowe’en Party (November)
* Midwinter Murders (December)

*owned book
+ library book

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