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WWW Wednesday – August 18, 2021

The three W’s are: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? What do you plan to read next?

Untamed by M. O’Keefe is the third book in the Hearts series. I really liked the other two book in the series so I am happy this one came out not too long after the book two was released. I started this one two days ago and so far so good!

“Marriage has always meant violence. I don’t trust it, but it’s the only thing keeping me afloat in these dark undercurrents. I married for safety but I got the most dangerous thing in the world—Ronan Byrne for a husband.

Now we’re returning to Bishop’s Landing to face our demons. Mine. His. We have real enemies to conquer, but it’s the fear in my heart that beats the loudest. I can’t stop being in love with him. Except the killer with the heart of stone doesn’t love me.

I don’t know whose family I belong in anymore. Or whether I should stay with Ronan when this is over. But I may not live long enough to make the choice.”

The Damage by Caitlin Wahrer was my BOTM choice for August (because it was my birthday month I received an add on for free). For once I am trying to read the book I chose in the month I chose it, haha! I’ve been hearing good things about this one so I moved it up the list and started it last night.

When a small-town family is pushed to the brink, how far will they go to protect one of their own? A propulsive, gets-under-your-skin read about what we will do in the name of love and blood

Tony has always looked out for his younger brother, Nick. So when he’s called to a hospital bed where Nick is lying battered and bruised after a violent attack, his protective instincts flare, and a white-hot rage begins to build.

Nick didn’t ask for any of this. One moment he was partying at college; the next, he was at the center of an investigation threatening to tear not only him, but his entire family, apart. The real trouble? He can’t remember a thing about what happened at the bar that night. And now his attacker, out on bail, is disputing Nick’s version of what happened.

Tony’s wife, Julia, always knew that her husband’s younger brother would be a huge part of their lives. As a a small-town New England lawyer, she works with kids like Nick all the time. She is determined to use her professional connections and keen intellect to make the best possible case for Nick. When Detective Rice gets assigned to the case, Julia feels they’re in good hands. Especially because she senses that Rice, too, understands how things can quickly get complicated. Very complicated.

As Julia tries to help her brother-in-law, she sees Tony’s desire for revenge growing by the day. She wants justice for Nick, too, but Tony’s preoccupation is scaring her. And before long, she finds herself asking: does she really know what her husband is capable of? Or of what she herself is?

Exploring elements of doubt, tragedy, suspense, and justice, The Damage is an all-consuming read that marks the explosive debut of an extraordinary new writer.”

Book two of Fable of Happiness by Pepper Winters was… a mess? I’m honestly not sure how I felt about it. Book one was interesting and I wanted to see how the story was gonna play out. Book two was a lot of the same, the same inner monologues on constant repeat for both the characters (there are only two in the story), the same sex scenes (mostly), the same fighting constantly and both characters making no real progress forward in their friendship or relationship… but I didn’t see the cliffhanger twist at the end coming so it’s drawn me back in. I’ll probably read the last book in the series, but I’m not giving it high hopes. Such a bummer!

I finished The Guilt Trip yesterday and my review of it was also posted onto the blog. Check it here! Link

I am literally winging which books I read next. I am on a roll with BOTM reads, I want to finish the Michael Bennett series on audio, and I am hoping to keep up with my Netgalleys…. so many book and not enough time!

Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments!

*Note: all quotes are synopsis’ from Goodreads website*

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